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About studio/apartment

About studio/apartment

After going down a few stairs, you find yourself in front of the wide glazed red door usually hidden behind a massive red shutter (the LEFT door is us). Enter the code, open the door, welcome! There is a 58 m2 space of a former renaissance cellar remembering the times of Rudolf II. with appealing interior. Even though the studio is located in the basement, it has a fresh and cosy feel to it. It has been designed to offer you the greatest comfort and, at the same time, to be highly functional. This is not a hotel room; this is a place to live in. We take the fully equipped kitchen with espresso maker, microwave, cooker, dishwasher etc. for granted. You’ll be pleased by 50’’ plasma TV with DVD and exceptionally good sound system. Your notebook can be plugged in to transmit image and sound to the TV screen. It is a smart TV with functions like skype etc. Printer and wireless internet connection is available out of charge. Moreover, here is also a game console Xbox with Kinect reading your every move! See our selection of books, music CDs, films and games. For special occasions, check out our minibar or the wine fridge. Share this with someone else: invite your friends and give a small party, we have enough wine glasses!

Not to mention the great sleep you get in here. The studio is continuously supplied by fresh air thanks to a quiet yet efficient recovery unit.

Studio Trziste 22 is a multi-functional space
  • – Accommodation for up to 4 persons (two doble-beds), baby cot upon reques
  • – Business meeting – discreet and pleasant place with exceptionally good coffee
  • – Presentation, lectures, lessons – technical equipment satisfying your high demand; by an easy arrangement in disposition, the place holds up to 12 people
  • – Social events, parties and celebrations – invite all your friends; however, we recommend 25 maximum. We’ll tailor your party and catering for you to ensure perfect fit.



Accommodation of people and events

It is our aim to make you feel at home as much as possible and we strive to create such atmosphere. Your comfort is prior to us.

Upon reserving your stay, our system generates an access code for you valid throughout your stay – and the Studio is yours!

By an easy arrangement, the Studio changes into lecture room, classroom, and pleasant discreet place for a business meeting with possible presentation. The Studio holds up to 12 people for these purposes.

Celebration and parties

Do you feel like celebrating? Stay in Prague, invite your friends and have a party matching your tastes. Our studio is up to become your favourite pspot for a party or just a cosy evening with great wine. There is always a reason to celebrate! Why to choose our Studio for it? First and foremost, you can enjoy absolute privacy, and with the massive vault of the renaissance cellar, you don’t have to worry about the noise. For your festive occasion, you definitely appreciate the location of the Studio in the very heart of the historical city centre and the original interior design.

Let us do the job for you. Tell us what you expect and we will wine and dine you. Don’t worry about the preparations and cleaning up; just enjoy the time spent with your dearest. It’s easy and you will save a lot of time.

There are so many ways to give a party, tell us what’s yours, and your exceptional event can start!

Using the studio

First, you are asked to enter the correct entrance code on the outside keyboard; doing so opens the door for you. Now, you can get into the studio. Don’t forget to enter the code again – this time on the inner keyboard; this deactivates the alarm (after entering the studio, the inner keyboard display says “Entrance Delay” for 30secs, then you have another 30secs to enter the code again). Notice a little wicker basket on the chest of drawers on your right– we leave there odds and ends, such as parking place keys or electric blind remote control. For the comfort of your feet as well as the wooden floor, we ask you to take your shoes off. Please find the shoe cupboard under the mirror. :).

Check out our big wardrobe: there is room for your luggage accessible both from the door side and the bed side, and the metal stripes prevent the piece of furniture from scratching. There is also an extra duvet and pillow if you aren’t staying alone. The double bed is not the only sleeping opportunity – the foldaway couch sleeps up to 2 people. Please, find another extra bedding in the couch. The very last piece of bedding, the fourth one, lies in the storing space under the double bed mattress. Feel free to use all the shelves, cupboards and chest of drawers for your belongings to get a homely feel.

There are multiple options for lighting the vaulted walls to achieve a pleasant atmosphere. Find out the most suitable one for you. For greater privacy, put the electric blind down; it lets the light in without you being seen from the outside (the remote control is in the wicker basket by the door). In case you have visitors, you can use the videophone to decide whether it’s worth pulling the blind up and letting them in. Opening a bottle from our wine fridge comes next, or why not inviting them for something stronger from our minibar.

When leaving the studio, you can switch on the alarm and thus get your belongings protected. Enter the entrance code on the inner keyboard, the display now signals “Exit Delay” accompanied by sound signal. You have 30 secs to leave the studio. Please make sure you closed the door properly when leaving. Only this way the door gets locked.

The studio is designed and equipped as a multi-functional space. It can host business meetings, presentations, lectures etc., for up to 12 people. Please don’t feel that Trziste must be used for formal purposes only. On the contrary, meet people here to celebrate someone’s birthday, to have a chat over a bottle of exceptionally good wine, to organize Xbox contest or a movie night. Candlelit dating for romantic souls welcomed! Upon request, we can arrange catering and what not for you so your moments at the address Trziste 22 become unforgettable and with no distress.

For any wine-opening occasion, there is a wine fridge ready with two temperature compartments: for red and white wine. Find it below the TV to the left. Moreover, there is also the minibar right by the double bed to the left.

On the other hand, everything in the kitchen is at your disposal free of charge. There is an unwritten rule regarding the kitchen: try to leave some ingredients behind to pleasantly surprise our next visitors. We always supply the basics so you can rely on the constant stock of coffee, selection of teas, a few beers, mineral water and ice cubs in the freezer.

We are more than happy if all the Trziste equipment is fully used. While working, you will appreciate the internet. The wireless connection password is simply “internet” or you are welcome to use the tablet Archos 9 that is already connected. It helps you print and the operation system Windows with the whole Office set is installed on it. If you do not wish to install the printer on your laptop, print directly from the tablet. Use the flesh disk (find it next to the printer) for your documents-to-be-printed or copy them into “shared folder” in local area network with the address \\ You can use this shared folder, on the tablet’s desktop, for scanning too

Entertaining time! TV with audio system for surrounding sound and game console Xbox is available. As a part of the TV, a webcam enables you to skype or hold video conferences right on the TV screen. The manuals can be found here or on the shelf with games and movies. The best place for watching the movies is the middle of the Studio, make yourself comfortable in one of our fatboy© sitting sacks and enjoy the best sound ever from there. Or why not reading a book? Feel free to choose any book from our bookshelf. Please don’t take away our books; on the contrary, we would be very happy if you share your book(s) with other Trziste users. Help us fill the bookshelf! Last but not least, there are quality Prague tour guides in English on the book shelf too.

The studio can be easily changed into a conference room. Just put the double bed into upright position, use 12 chairs and the system of desks to be arranged into several layouts so that it is suitable for a meeting, lecture or conference. Please find the pictures of the available desk layouts on our website. Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you wish to be shown in person at Trziste.