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About Us


The profiles of individual Agnes & Brothers s.r.o. associates will give you an idea what sort of product we offer. Studio Trziste is an enterprise of people related by blood, yet with different characters and careers.

Our story – The idea of the project originates from my granddad Pavel. Our family lives in the country that is truly beautiful piece of land close to Prague and is a favourite weekend destination for many “Pragers.” Being a keen fan of Czech history, our granddad always longed for a place in the Prague city center where the family could go for a weekend, in the same way as the “Pragers” go to “the Cottage” to the country. Nice idea, indeed. Our granddad can’t see now it but we have realized his dream. We have created a unique place in the very heart of the Lesser Town. Now, we are trying to establish a community of people to use and enjoy this place. The studio is a multi-functional space, yet the core feel is the beauty of a picturesque place full of history and old times. We strive towards the feeling of intimacy, security and freedom of our visitors, as if they were at home or at the “Cottage.“ We modified the place of the renesance house and tackled a few reconstruction problems. For instance, the humidity is dealt with through a special remediation plaster. Efficient recovery unit enables the air ventilation and circulation with very little heat loss. We designed the disposition of studio for its multi-functional purpose.

While realizing this project, we often got close to the edge, especially when assigning responsibility. Being both a family member and a part of common business is not always easy. Nevertheless, working together has been inspiring and enriching.


Vít Macháček

  • A&B secretary, operator, associate
  • Others: certified Prague tour guide, student

I’m the youngest member of the team but I already managed to gather a few interesting experiences. I have spend a year in South Africa during my secondary school. I run some guided tours around Prague and reacently I’m about to finish a university diploma as a student of Sociology. I am also keen on sports, music. It is me who runs the studio on daily basis. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me; I’m ready almost 25/7 on emergency hotline.

Vojtěch Macháček

  • IT engineer, webmaster, associate
  • Others: start-up freak, my brother

Worldly software engineer and sales person. He loves his job and devotes it a lot of time. He is interested in new trends in IT technology and always has a few fresh projects going on. Going out with his close friends is his favourite pastime. Vojta created the skeleton of our project and is responsible for its proper build.

Anežka Macháčková

  • Interior co-designer, coordinator, associate
  • Others: English linguistics graduate, my sister


Anežka is trying to manage her time well. She prolonged her studies due to extensive travel; she stepped her foot on almost every continent. Having worked in a travel agency, she got the experience in organizing social events, conferences etc. and she is making the most of it working for Trziste too. It is her who provides you with catering for you party.

Tomáš Macháček

  • A&B secretary, associate
  • Others: general practitioner, entrepreneur, health care reformer, my father


A very hard-working man with great experience; the initiator of the whole project. In his busy schedule, he always finds a gap for the project Trziste. He relaxes by cleaning the studio  and sometimes even plays his guitar in there.