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Equipment of the RV

Equipment of RV



Equipment of the RV

  • Powerfull yet economical engine with 150hp and 6 stage gear
  • Reversing camera
  • Comfortable double bed at the back, cross laid, adjustable to make more or less space below in the garage
  • Electricaly controled double bed in dining room
  • Possibility to make fifth sleaping place from the seats and table in the dining room.
  • Refrigerator and freezer 150l (powered by gas and also by electricity)
  • 3 ring stove with the glass cover and hood
  • Small kitchen – sink unite
  • Separate shower with rigid door.
  • Samostatné chemické WC s pasivní ventilací, umyvadlem a toaletní skříňkou Separate chemical WC with passive ventilation, sink and toilet cabinet
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  • Large storage inside with full-size wardrobe
  • TV with DVD and USB input
  • Extra shower flacket in the garage (possibility to shower or wash muddy bikes or shoes outdoor)
  • Large awning 4 x 3 metres with lighting
  • Carrier of max 4 bikes
  • Audio system with speakers in the cockpit and the rear bedroom with USB and AUX inputs
  • Suspension device for connecting the trailer
  • Roof rack (eg. For a surfboard)

For the witer time:


  • Powerful hot-air gas heating
  • Distribution of hot air heating around the bed in the bedroom
  • Insulation waste tank
  • Heated car garage – storage space accessible from outside of the vehicle (possibility of enlargement by adjusting the high of the double bed in bedroom)
  • Two-piece insulation additional front cab car (on a metal body + windows), “coat”
  • Carpet on the floor of the superstructure
  • Snow chains

for the too hot summer days:


  • Very effective system of ventilation windows. All roof windows are equipped with shutters.
  • Additional heat diesel air conditioning in the superstructure (effectively cools the entire area of the car while driving and engine running)
  • Extractor fan in the kitchenette
  • Large awning 4 x 3m
  • All windows and doors to the side of the superstructure are fitted with mosquito nets against insects

For the independence of the camps (island system):

  • Solar panel 100W
  • Voltage converter 220V / 1600W
  • 220V distribution outlets in every part of the car, including a garage, outdoor outlet
  • Battery superstructure 2 x 70Ah
  • Booster – a means for very fast charging-up battery from the alternator engine
  • 2x gas bottle – designed as an LPG tank (no need to replace the bottle, just to draw gas at the gas station)
  • Pneumatic shock absorbers – bellows beneath the rear axle with independent-pressure compressor (allowing among other things, in the range of about 5 cm compensate for uneven ground while standing)
  • Guiding wedges
  • Two canisters 16l for drinking water
  • Replacement (empty) canister diesel

Other accessories included:

  • Navigation for caravans with integrated radio, player (with USB and AUX) and handsfree
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  • CZ highway sign (stemp)
  • Fire extinguisher
  • WC chemicals
  • Assistance service for all of Europe
  • SK highway sign (stemp)
  • Camping furniture (4 chairs, table)
  • Fully equipped kitchen (plates, cutlery, pans, cups, etc.)
  • Gas grill – connectable from outside to the gas distribution of the cars
  • Two sets of bed linen + blanket, two towels, toiletries towel
  • Shampoo and liquid soap, toothpaste, dishwashing
  • Usually basic food “House mulligan” (coffee, tea, oatmeal, bag soups, some spices, etc.), Sometimes something in the fridge
  • First aid kit (above the mandatory first aid kit) – includes, inter alia, first aid kit and casual drug use on the road, including antibiotics and drugs against shock
  • Folding saw, an ax, shovel, gloves Assembly

Helpful Items:

Powerful handheld flashlight, headlamp, clothesline, pegs, mounting system in the garage, spare bags into the bin, umbrella, universal adapter for charging cell phones, arms clothes in the wardrobe, insulated mat exsercises, set bydlíkařské outdoor shoes and slippers 4 people, set of pillows, two blankets (good evening to the grill), cards, board games set

Other accessories that can be rented along with rental car (everything fits in the garage of the RV vehicle)

  • Powerboat Bush skate 315 with motor Mercury with declared 5hp (so you do not need the driving license) But thanks to larger carburetor the power is actually 6hp. Considering one person driving it is fast. The boat takes 4 people, it has external fuel tank for longer distances (enough for a sea coast expedition), emergency oars, anchor, rope, two lifejackets, electric pump with integrated battery (Solid folding bottom and inflatable keel).
  • Inflatable canoe Baraka, two paddles
  • Two folding electric bikes. Perfect for exploring city centers or camping areas. It is possible to charge it over night from the cars extra battery. The riding distance of one electric bike is about 50 kilometers
  • Tracking bikes 2x
  • Price list of the other accessories:

    a. Canoe Baraka 200 czk/per day (8 euros), max 3000,- czk (120 euros).

    b. Folding electric bike 200 czk/per day (8 euros), max 3000,- czk (120 euros).

    c. Powerboat without the motor 200 czk/per day, max 3000,- czk (120 euros).

    d. Powerboat with the motor 400 czk/per day, max 6000,- czk (240 euros).

    e. Tracking bike 200 czk/per day (8 euros), max 3000,- czk (120 euros).

Other accessories may not always be available