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Information about RV

Welcome to the world of independent traveling

We are happily presenting the new member of the trziste project. With this recreational vehicle is possible to vacation all seassions of the year. Chceck all its equipment on Equipment of the RV to see the possibilities for RV vacation.

Come to see and get to know the camper. It can be seen most of the time whether in Krhanice (40km from Prague) or in Ostrava. At this place people take it in charge. A deposit of ten thousand czech crowns in required. After explaining the performing tasks of the RV, the whole car is double checked and presented for the fololowing enjoyment. All the reservations are administrated by Petra Buroňová ( However to check the availability and make the reservation you need to sign up for membership. Contact me.

Dear Friends, rent the RV and explore the new dimension of traveling with


Recreational vehicle, its use and conceptions

Our RV is primarily conceptualized as the highly comfort and fully eqiped mobile home for two persons.

By default it is ready for immediate use of two people, concidering beds made as well as all the details that you do not neet to think about as you can relay it is already prepared for time of need.

So if you are just two of you it not easier than just taking some clouths and shoes on and go!

Our ADRIA vehicle on the other hand is designed to accommodate four people (It has two confortable double beds), so it is also ideal for family trips.

Travelng with kids: Two seats in the dining room provides your children seats with the ISOFIX handles.

On the top of it ADRIA is able to hold in five people (legaly) All of them would find a seat belt and place to sleap (but traveling five adults in there is more like traveling in submarine).

The goal is to enjoy an independent vacation of your format full of original experience. To find the freedome sensation on your journey.