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Meetings, Social Events, Parties

Meetings, Social Events, Parties

Book the studio during the day. First two hours for 300 czk and the folowing 30 minutes for 50k czk.

For 200 CZK, the espresso maker is at your disposal with unlimited amount of high quality coffee.

At the same price, you can enjoy a selection of teas offered in a great many varieties.

We will prepare a party for you and take care of the cleaning afterwards at fixed price of 800 CZK.

We supply non-alcoholic drinks, wines and liquors at exceptionally keen prices (we charge every opened bottle)

We provide catering to match your individual tastes.

Be inspired:

(3 hours, during day till 18:00)

3 hodiny přes den, tj. do 18:00

Number of people 15
Duration 3 hours
Event coordination 800,czk
Foods 2 250,- czk (150 czk/person)
Pití 1 500,- czk (100 czk/person)
Cofee 400,- czk
Rent (3 hours during the day)
Non-club members 500,-czk
Club member 350,czk
Total Club member ca. 5 300,- czk
(ca. 355 Kč/person)


(evening, start at 7pm)

night time, starting v 19:00

Number of persons 15
Duration 6 hours
Event coordination 800, czk
Foods and drinks 2 250,- czk (150 czk/person)
Drinks 1 500,- Kč (100 czk/person)
Cofee 400,- Kč
Rent (night, high season):
Non-club members 2 550,- Kč
Club members 1 050,- czk
Total club member ca. 6 005,- czk (ca. 400 Kč/person)